Friday, 2 October 2015


  Recent developments in World Wrestling Entertainment, W W E showed how a popular wrestler by name Seth Rollins desired to make himself a legend instantly without minding how hard such road to greatness is supposed to be.
    Seth Rollins is the present W W E world heavy weight champion. He formerly belonged to a trio of fine, well co-ordinate wrestlers called ‘The Shield’. He opted out of the group after being enticed by the self proclaimed ‘Authority’, the controllers of the games so he may be used to promote their unpopular decisions in the day-to-day affairs of their operations.
        He wriggled his way to the top position in the organization (by becoming the World Heavy-weight Champion) through various questionable methods. The Controller of the games, Triple H who pairs with his wife to describe themselves as the “Authority” have been the brain behind Seth Rollins’ acclaimed ‘successes’  with the company.
        In order to make sure he always recorded victory, he had some ‘aides’ always standing by the ring side to assist him. One of them was the seven- footer, lanky fellow wrestler called ‘Kane’, who always represented the Authority. Also, there used to be a couple of moderate size boys called ‘J J security’. Ironically, an opponent always found himself fighting against four people instead of one, in a contest with Seth Rollins. For now, all the three aides have been dismantled effectively by another super wrestler called Brock Lesnar!
       The streak of ‘victories’ within few months got into Seth Rollin’s head that he demanded a statue be made for him by the Authority; to confirm him as a legend. Though he was aware that many people (among fellow wrestlers) were not happy about the development, he least expected anyone to boldly come forward to resist him being presented with the statue.
     At the point of being presented with it, he was resisted by a visitor to WWE by name ‘Sting’, who made away with the highly cherished object. He advised Seth to really work hard and earn such a statue genuinely and not overnight. Sting eventually tossed the statue into a moving refuse collection vehicle!
        The lesson here is that over-ambition may never bring about true success. In the first place, Seth Rollins had to betray his two other friends in an effort, as he put it; “To build a great future” for himself. Everyone needs to realize that greatness is not a short-term achievement, but something to be built gradually over time and with integrity.
     To be successful in online business, you need to be highly committed and resolute; be prepared to overcome challenges and to try again and again in case of failure at the first attempts. Success or greatness is real; but the road to get there is quite rough, tough and sometimes seems impossible. However, just one more effort may take you to the cherished position.