Friday, 7 March 2014


‘Webfortunes’ is here beckoning again to all and sundry; in a bid to ensure that as many as possible shall come to share from the endless opportunities available on the web where you may make some money for yourself- online income is for real…
         I have met a good number of people who have made great purchases online. The items could range from very small items like pairs of shoes, jewelries, hand bags, shirts, pairs of trousers and even body pomade! The items are endless; you can as well search for, make your selection and purchase any car of your choice too!  The most unavoidable advice you need to heed to is that you should consult those who are experienced in the business and make sure you follow the right process.
           Mr. Tezney Raymond is a well known local car dealer; his story is that of grass to grace; a story that took place within a short time. According to him, it sounded too good to be true when he first heard that he could place an order for, and take delivery of a vehicle of his choice right in the comfort of his own room. He eventually learned the basics and gave it a try by placing an order for a Toyota Corolla saloon car; and that was the beginning of a new era for him.
         Within a space of two years, he had imported more than a couple of dozens of cars of different shades from different parts of the world with all of them raking in great profits into his bank account. “It’s a pity a great deal of people are not aware of the massive opportunities that await them on the web”, he said enthusiastically during an internet marketing seminar organized by a group of online business experts.
        He narrated how he too spent sleepless nights wondering whether it was true, or whether it was real, “…then I decided to take a positive step at once and I can confirm it to you today as you can see for yourselves that I have since been moving ahead on the ladder of fortune…” he concluded. Truly as a well known local car dealer, many attendees of the seminar were pleasantly surprised to learn about how Tezney use to get the cars that he sells… It’s a fortune that awaits all those who care…