Wednesday, 8 January 2014


     Talking of web fortunes, you really need to take your time to find out exactly where and how you are going to start off the ground. When your eyes are opened to the vast resources available on the web, the first major problem many people usually face is the difficulty in making the right choice of business model one could or should embark upon.
   However, I have heard experts talk on many occasions about ‘passion’. It is widely believed that those who make fortunes online are those who are really out to ‘give out’ to people either goods or services with passion. In other words, such people are able to envisage some needs and developed the genuine desire to meet such.
       Madam Mariane Pelinga had been operating a jeweler’s shop for close to a decade without much visible improvement or upgrade. In her own words, she described her predicament at such dismal time like this: “Many a times people will come asking such items that I could not easily lay hands on, for example, some ladies may come and ask for Italian made jewels, American brands, Chinese, British, Spanish items…”
    However, the situation changed for the better, or rather; got a boost when she paid a visit to a friend in a fairly distant town, who also operates similar trade. She was greatly surprised, even shocked to see practically a metropolitan collection of jewels from many parts of the world and she didn’t hesitate to ask her friend, ‘How and where did you get the money that took you round the world to make all these collections possible?’
      The friend just smiled and said, ‘Oh, that’s what anyone can do with ease, even you too can do it!’ ‘Tell me you are joking…’ ‘No I am not…’ ‘Then I like you to please show me how…’ ‘Of course I will’. At last, she learned how to make purchases online and that was how she started meeting the needs of those who were looking for one type of item or the other.
    “So this is how I managed to get the business riding higher and higher by the day, thanks to my friend who showed me the hidden fortunes on the web”;  Madam Pelinga said with visible enthusiasm; and in a tone of finality, she added, “Besides the financial benefits (fortunes?) accruing from the trade, I was quite happy that I could henceforth provide the people with what they need right from the comfort of my room…”            

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