Sunday, 5 January 2014


  I want to welcome you into the New Year 2014…
It is always great to be alive to witness a new era; indeed, a new era is the projection of the old dispensation. If people were making fortunes from the web in the past year, then more people are expected to do same in the brand New Year, so all those who care should be prepared to take action without further delay.
     A very close friend of mine, John Ridik was thought to be a failure right from his secondary school days being unable to cope with his studies at such low level of education. He managed to reach the final year but didn’t do well in his final examinations. His primary intention after secondary school was to stay back in the locality and practice subsistence farming side by side or rather; in support of his father.
     For more than five years, I didn’t hear anything about my friend again, if anything; I expected to hear something like; he had become a successful local farmer or about to become one. Instead, news filtered round that Ridik has become a ‘Successful Businessman!’ I didn’t believe the rumor at first but I later met him face to face driving past in a posh S U V- in fact, one of the latest models..!
     “I went to the city with an Uncle of mine who introduced me to computer operation as well as the internet”, he said. “Being a bit proficient in computer operation, I was invited to a business seminar based on internet marketing where I was introduced to a man that was to be my mentor”, he continued. Before zooming away in his glistering classy vehicle, he hinted, “Look, I can’t share with you the whole of my experience here; I shall share with you some another time. All you need to know for now is that the web is a very fertile ground where anyone can ‘till the ground’ and make a fortune out of it…     

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