Sunday, 12 January 2014


Web fortunes, a phenomenon for real; is here to stay- permanently. In other words, you can make fortunes on the web; one way or the other- if you so desire and are ready to devote your time and energy to achieving your goal. This assertion was made by an Internet Marketing expert while answering questions from attendees in a seminar where several online business skills were taught to a sizable and enthusiastic audience.
       A man had said earlier, “What can we do to convince people that online businesses are mostly genuine; but there are only few miscreants who are out to swindle unsuspecting business seekers or new comers like many of us here?” The Speaker replied by declaring that online businesses like Website Design, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Forex Trading, Email marketing, Online Importation, Blogging, Online Stores, Online Library, Online Paid Surveys, etc are for real and are here to stay permanently. He advised all participants to ‘play clean games’ online so that others will learn from their successes online and change their negative thoughts as regards online business activities.
       A glaring example of such people with negative thoughts concerning online businesses is Madam Felicitas Koziro, who had vowed never to have anything to do with a ‘yahoo-yahoo’ man (It is the term used to describe online fraudsters). She hated to hear anything relating online business to the guts. All she had ever had were stories of people who had been swindled and ruined economically at one time or the other on the web and so she had developed strong apathy, and whenever she heard anyone speaking on the subject matter, she warned people to ‘stay away’ from such an individual.
      Her husband worked for a local manufacturing company with a salary that could barely sustain them comfortably half way to the following month. She was also working for a government establishment as a clerical assistant with her intermediate level of education. Their take-home pay for each month was quite inadequate and the husband had been racking his brain to see where or what he could do to augment their monthly income so as to make life a bit more comfortable…To be concluded in “Webfortunes and…Surprises” part II.

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