Thursday, 16 January 2014


  Webfortunes is about making profits in whatever online business you decide to undertake. The fact is that there are limitless opportunities beckoning on those intending to upgrade their economic life standards and attain ultimate financial freedom.
            Mr. Koziro had been engrossed in deep thoughts as to how or what he could do to attain an enhanced financial status; he even noticed that most of his colleagues at the work place were faring far better than him financially including those who were earning the same salary with him! “I wonder how these people (his friends and colleagues) manage to keep higher economic profile than I; there must be some secrets I am yet to learn…” he thought to himself.
      Eventually, he decided to confide in a close friend called Rodeo who happened to be a junior worker at the company but was apparently on a higher financial level. “I have to be sincere with you,” snapped Rodeo as Koziro watched him in a dejected mood. “Your best bet towards attaining an enhanced financial status is to take up some online jobs that can provide you with supplementary income.”
    “But you know my wife easily gets crossed at anything of that nature.” “Yes, you are right; but the choice is yours-either to take a positive step that can upgrade your lifestyle or to continue with your present dismal condition”; said Rodeo as he stood up to go away from the table that was positioned in a secluded part of a restaurant where that had both sat down to discuss Koziro’s economic plight.
      Madam Koziro had noticed that her husband started spending extra hours in the night by his lap top and she didn’t hesitate to try and find out what could be happening. She walked quietly to him to have a look at what he was up to. “All these questionnaires, what purpose could they be serving?” she asked her husband. “Oh yes, the company is asking each of the employees to give their opinions concerning some matters.” “Your company is demanding opinion on what?” “Yes; this is what we call ‘online survey’ or ‘opinion polls,’” it touches many aspects of the society; Koziro answered his inquisitive (and curious) wife. Since there was nothing indicating criminality about it, she raised no objections.
      The family’s economic life started improving as a result of the supplementary income accruing from the online paid surveys embarked upon by Koziro; it was the ‘easiest option’ he decided to undertake from the options of online business opportunities presented to him by Rodeo- a close friend a few days earlier and he wasted no time in registering with some online paid survey sites.
      Felicitas his wife was amazed to learn that such a ‘simple and plain’ exercise could yield some reasonable income after her husband revealed to her that the couple of hours he spends conducting the online polls on daily basis had been the source of the extra income. “I think I shall like to participate also,” she said frantically to the amazement of her husband and he said, “My friends will be treated to pleasant and great surprises when they hear about the latest development in the family..!”    

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