Thursday, 19 December 2013


Hello great guys out there!
Let me personally and specially welcome you to this vast platform tagged, “Web Fortunes” that is; ‘philstonnewebfortunes’. It is a platform that has a lot of goodies for all and sundry-the young, the elderly, male or female; experts and novices alike.
      The ‘Web’, also widely known as internet is like a great mansion with millions of rooms filled with treasures or ‘fortunes’. Every (normal) living soul on the face of the earth intends to make fortunes one way or the other; and it is no secret that everyone keeps on pursuing it day- in day- out through various means at their disposal.
      In the present age, the internet provides a wide range; in fact limitless opportunities for those who care to make something tangible for themselves in order to improve their living situations. The bedrock of, or the foundation for making fortunes on the web is based on the phenomenon called ‘INFORMATION’. Now let’s consider a farmer who is able to access information on how he could double the yield on his farm land by applying a certain modern method and equipment. If he eventually applies the method and makes use of the prescribed tools which also leads to the doubling of his farm yield in that particular year; he may be described as having made a fortune out of his hitherto unproductive farm.
    Similarly, a student who is able to lay his hand on a book that helped to solve a long standing academic problem which also led to his success in his final exams by making good grades could also be regarded as having made a fortune out the said book. The same thing applies to all other life situations imaginable- whatever makes one’s life better amounts to (somehow or anyhow) having made a fortune.
      It is really a very wide discuss, one does not even know the appropriate point to start. All the same, we have started; the die is cast and the ball is already set rolling. I implore you dear reader to keep a date with us here on the platform regularly as we explore the vast opportunities available and also view prominent examples of those who have made great achievements (another word for ‘fortunes’?) on the web…   

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