Friday, 2 October 2015


  Recent developments in World Wrestling Entertainment, W W E showed how a popular wrestler by name Seth Rollins desired to make himself a legend instantly without minding how hard such road to greatness is supposed to be.
    Seth Rollins is the present W W E world heavy weight champion. He formerly belonged to a trio of fine, well co-ordinate wrestlers called ‘The Shield’. He opted out of the group after being enticed by the self proclaimed ‘Authority’, the controllers of the games so he may be used to promote their unpopular decisions in the day-to-day affairs of their operations.
        He wriggled his way to the top position in the organization (by becoming the World Heavy-weight Champion) through various questionable methods. The Controller of the games, Triple H who pairs with his wife to describe themselves as the “Authority” have been the brain behind Seth Rollins’ acclaimed ‘successes’  with the company.
        In order to make sure he always recorded victory, he had some ‘aides’ always standing by the ring side to assist him. One of them was the seven- footer, lanky fellow wrestler called ‘Kane’, who always represented the Authority. Also, there used to be a couple of moderate size boys called ‘J J security’. Ironically, an opponent always found himself fighting against four people instead of one, in a contest with Seth Rollins. For now, all the three aides have been dismantled effectively by another super wrestler called Brock Lesnar!
       The streak of ‘victories’ within few months got into Seth Rollin’s head that he demanded a statue be made for him by the Authority; to confirm him as a legend. Though he was aware that many people (among fellow wrestlers) were not happy about the development, he least expected anyone to boldly come forward to resist him being presented with the statue.
     At the point of being presented with it, he was resisted by a visitor to WWE by name ‘Sting’, who made away with the highly cherished object. He advised Seth to really work hard and earn such a statue genuinely and not overnight. Sting eventually tossed the statue into a moving refuse collection vehicle!
        The lesson here is that over-ambition may never bring about true success. In the first place, Seth Rollins had to betray his two other friends in an effort, as he put it; “To build a great future” for himself. Everyone needs to realize that greatness is not a short-term achievement, but something to be built gradually over time and with integrity.
     To be successful in online business, you need to be highly committed and resolute; be prepared to overcome challenges and to try again and again in case of failure at the first attempts. Success or greatness is real; but the road to get there is quite rough, tough and sometimes seems impossible. However, just one more effort may take you to the cherished position.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


 The venue of the celebration, a large spacious hall was filled to capacity. The  chief celebrant stood up from the high table to come to the podium, and she was greeted with a resounding round of applause.  
      Madam Rose Mazinga, widow of late Chief Roland Mazinga; a wealthy industrialist of his time, was celebrating her 55th birthday. In attendance at the venue were friends and well wishers of Madam Rose, a highly respected philanthropist in the township. Therefore, apart from her relations and well wishers, there was a group of enthusiastic young men and women- students of various educational institutions; all of them beneficiaries of her philanthropy. They were also there to celebrate with her; with almost each one of them yearning for a space of a minute or two, to express their gratitude to her verbally.
      “I thank all of you for sparing some of your valuable time to be here today”, said Madam Rose as she cast a sweeping look at the audience from one side of the hall to the other side. Then she continued, “I thank God Almighty for keeping me alive today in spite of the huge obstacle on my way of survival. Unknown to many of you, I am one of a set of twin sisters; but I lost my partner fifty years ago.” The hall became cold and enveloped in utter silence; with tears welling up in the eyes of some of her young beneficiaries.
        “Five years after we were born, my twin sister was diagnosed of a heart condition, and with the residue of superstition still surrounding the birth of twins at that time, the general assumption was that the ‘gods’ were not in favor of the kids (being twins). Eventually, she passed away while most of the citizens in the locality expected that I too should follow suite very soon. True to their expectation, I too fell ill of the same ailment a year later. My father was said to be on a business trip abroad and my mother was faced with a situation in which she may remain childless for life because it took her almost twenty years after marriage to have us. This time, she was not prepared to lose me as it happened to my sister. She promptly asked for a referral note from the village clinic to the specialist hospital in the capital city.
          My father was contacted and he consented to the proposed heart surgery abroad”. Once again, she cast another slow, frank and appealing look at the now ‘frozen’ audience in the hall as she concluded, “I appreciate the gallantry of my late mother, who chose to rise above the ignorance that pervaded the locality and opted for an extra ordinary action to be taken to salvage the almost hopeless situation, thank you all once again, for coming.” 

Monday, 9 June 2014


You are welcome once again to the arena of ‘Webfortunes’, which, as usual; is meant for all and sundry- anytime and anywhere on the globe. It is quite interesting to realize that the web is a universal avenue that provides unlimited opportunity for whosoever cares to take the vital step that will bring the highly desirable change and improvement to his or her financial status.
    For those who are looking for goods and services to access online, it could come from any part of the globe; just as the buyer could as well be from any part of the planet earth. Soft-wares are being created for varying purposes every second each day of our life in order to cope with the insatiable need of improvement and upgrade of various online projects being created by man incessantly.
     I read about a woman by name Rose Hatley who spoke recently in a local web marketing seminar held in her country; she said, “I can tell you with all assurance that my success in online business could be attributed to various contributions of online experts from different parts of the world; mention it, there great internet marketing experts from Australia, China, South America, Africa, America, Canada, Japan or any other place in the world, I have benefitted from online marketing experts, website design experts and many others from different parts of the world…it’s a global phenomenon all the way!”   
       Contributing adequately to the situation are such resources as communication avenues using e-mail and a lot of social media that help to propagate whatever idea, concept or contribution you intend to promote to the wide world…it’s all quite thrilling and unimaginable, the impact of those valuable resources.
       Also worthy of mention is the universally accepted currency for online payment which is largely the American dollar; and some others like the Euro, the Pound Sterling, the Japanese Yen; etc but the dollar is most widely acceptable. There are also, various means of collection and making payment. To most online regular patrons, such terms as Web-money, Perfect-money, Alert-pay, E-go pay, Pay-pal; different credit cards, etc are the familiar means of online payment and receiving money.
       All you need to do is find out the type that may work for you best and consult the experts before choosing a certain method. Once you get used to the mode of operating whichever method you choose, you can continue with your online business pursuits without fear of any unexpected hitch.
     However, even though it is quite interesting and even thrilling to operate online business, it is also noteworthy to mention the fact that it is not usually quite rosy all the way; you need to be ware of online fraudsters who are extremely smart and deadly in their mode of operations. A lot of them pose as online business experts, Lawyers who are willing to ‘help’ stranded ones while some also pose as clergymen-online; you need to be extremely careful while striking a deal with any one online. All the same there are lots of web fortunes awaiting those who are willing to play the game according to the laid down rules..!            

Friday, 7 March 2014


‘Webfortunes’ is here beckoning again to all and sundry; in a bid to ensure that as many as possible shall come to share from the endless opportunities available on the web where you may make some money for yourself- online income is for real…
         I have met a good number of people who have made great purchases online. The items could range from very small items like pairs of shoes, jewelries, hand bags, shirts, pairs of trousers and even body pomade! The items are endless; you can as well search for, make your selection and purchase any car of your choice too!  The most unavoidable advice you need to heed to is that you should consult those who are experienced in the business and make sure you follow the right process.
           Mr. Tezney Raymond is a well known local car dealer; his story is that of grass to grace; a story that took place within a short time. According to him, it sounded too good to be true when he first heard that he could place an order for, and take delivery of a vehicle of his choice right in the comfort of his own room. He eventually learned the basics and gave it a try by placing an order for a Toyota Corolla saloon car; and that was the beginning of a new era for him.
         Within a space of two years, he had imported more than a couple of dozens of cars of different shades from different parts of the world with all of them raking in great profits into his bank account. “It’s a pity a great deal of people are not aware of the massive opportunities that await them on the web”, he said enthusiastically during an internet marketing seminar organized by a group of online business experts.
        He narrated how he too spent sleepless nights wondering whether it was true, or whether it was real, “…then I decided to take a positive step at once and I can confirm it to you today as you can see for yourselves that I have since been moving ahead on the ladder of fortune…” he concluded. Truly as a well known local car dealer, many attendees of the seminar were pleasantly surprised to learn about how Tezney use to get the cars that he sells… It’s a fortune that awaits all those who care…   

Monday, 10 February 2014


 ‘Webfortunnes’ is a phenomenon that beckons to as many as possible to come and have bountiful shares of the inestimable wealth on the web. The web is vast, universal and all encompassing. The web does not discriminate against any set of people, gender or chronology. It is equally amazing to realize that any kind of goods or service can be accessed on the web. Whether you are buying or selling on the web; be sure you do it right so you can make profit and thus make your life better.
        It is therefore not surprising to find that there are various forms or methods of making payment and also to receive the same on the web; especially when it is not customary to pay in physical cash. There is more or less a generally accepted monetary denomination the web, and that is the American Dollar. Since people participate in online business activities from different parts of the world, it is important to find the avenue through which the local currency can be converted to the dollar.
        I shall say that I am pleasantly surprised to come across various kinds of e currencies being used one way or the other on the web. I shall list some of them hereby; even though the list is inexhaustible as more of such are being created from time to time. Some of them include:  perfect money, verve cards, visa cards, master cards, paypal, webmoney, exness excard, western Union/ Moneygram, money bookers, Bitcoin, pexpay, etc.
       All the mentioned devices and many more help in making smooth transaction on the web, it is good for you to find out which of them suits your purpose and go ahead to make use of it. One thing is certain; and that is the fact that it is usually free to own a functional account with most of the listed e -currencies. However, you must be prepared to adhere to laid down rules guiding the use of the e currencies to avoid losing your account including whatever amount is deposited in such account.
     Online businesses are real and highly profitable if you take the right step and play your game according to the rule. Making fortunes on the web has happened in the lives of hundreds and even thousands of people who are masters of one internet marketing skill or another-join the train today!